What is Tokyo Ghoul?

Tokyo Ghoul is a story-heavy horror manga first published in 2012 in Japan.

Who is Kaneki?

Kaneki is the main character in Tokyo Ghoul. Not so fun fact: Kaneki was tortured by Jason on his birthday.

What is a Ghoul?

A Ghoul is a creature very similar to humans, but they have an increased number of RC (Red Child, named as such by the form of it. It is shaped similar to a fetus) cells. This causes them to be insanely strong and allows them to use what is called a kagune. Ghouls have different types of kagunes, such as  ukaku, koukaku, rinkaku, and bikaku. A cannibalistic Ghoul has a chance of getting a kakuja. On the other side, this takes away a Ghouls' partial sanity.

What is a Kagune?

A Kagune is essentially the Ghoul's weapon for fighting and hunting among other things. They can change based on the intensity of the emotions of the Ghoul.